Crusader? I Hardly Know 'Er!

9/6: Digging the Romans & Thundertree Lawn Care

cutting winter fuel early with new magical tools

To all to whom these presents may come:

Praise be to God the Merciful, the Compassionate, Lord of the Two Worlds, and peace be upon His Prophets.

It is my purpose here to document my travels and adventures as a member of the Brotherhood Without Borders, for the benefit of mankind and the purpose of bringing aid, comfort, and illumination to all who are in darkness.

Shortly after dispatching a necromancer and disposing of his abominations at the Roman excavation a day’s ride north of Phandalin, we investigated the site further to find several artifacts no doubt forged and imbued with power from that age, presumed to be gifts given to the commander of the garrison when it was in operation hundreds of years ago. These included a gladius which MouillĂ© unearthed, a pilum which I found and traded to Yakut for a protective cloak of Roman soldiery that he discovered, and a ring which Kildrik currently possesses, the function of which I cannot recall, but will provide followup thereof should he remind me.

We proceeded to follow up on a trail left by Myrna, the lady who we rescued from Redbrand enslavement at the ruined manor house, to recover a family heirloom (a necklace) she had misplaced in her hometown of Thundertree which was approximately a day from the excavation across the desert. The travel was uneventful, the nights cool and dry, and we wondered what surprises might await us in this innocuous town.

Upon approach, the town looked abandoned, but not unoccupied from the ambient noise. A sign warned of savage flora and undead creatures – a sign we would find out had been erected by a wandering druid by the name of Reidoth, who has made temporary home here as a ward against travelers accidentally falling prey to the monsters infesting the town. He informed us that the main hall of Thundertree was now inhabited by a young green dragon, who are known for their affinity of pestilence and decay. We agreed that our Brotherhood charter commands us to help cleanse the town and hopefully restore it to a human-habitable state (and also recovering the necklace). To that end we proceeded to visit several stone dwellings which had become host to “twig blights” – bundles of sticks and branches animated by some foul energy. They were carefully but easily chopped into harmless splinters without too much harm to ourselves. Further sweeping of the townhomes revealed a giant spider nest that was also swept away without incident – and there I must pause for now.

It remains to be seen what, who, or where the source of the corruption might be found, which I shall hopefully deliver unto you, dear reader, in time.

Recorded herewith on Rabi Al-Thani 14, 576 AH (September 6 1180).
- Azhaz ibn Khalil al-Nejem


Ahem The ring, previously mentioned, but also just briefly glanced over, is actually mine. That is Podrick Stoutfoot, or Pod to my workplace proximity associates. I have found it to be useful to walk on water, or, as I like to put it: “play Jesus.” Heh… umm, just FYI


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