Crusader? I Hardly Know 'Er!

Cragmaw Cave

After chasing the surviving goblin to the cave, the adventurers fought their way in, befriending two wolves, rescuing Sildar Hallwinter, and extirpating the goblins dwelling inside. Between Azahz’s backstabs and Pod’s Burning Hands, the Brotherhood was barely slowed down.

After rescuing Sildar, they learned four important bits of information:

  • The Rockseeker brothers have located the entrance to a long-lost complex called “Wave Echo Cave”
  • Gralk, the bugbear in charge of the cave, had orders from someone calling himself “The Black Spider” to waylay them and bring Gundren to him
  • Gundren has a map to the lost entrance of the cave, but it went with Gundren (along with their equipment) to Cragmaw Castle
  • Sildar’s Brotherhood contact in Phandalin is Iarno Albrecht, a wizard, who was sent to Phandalin twon months ago, but they have not heard from him.

After subduing Gralk, the party learned the location of Cragmaw Castle (about twenty miles to the northeast, give or take), and confirmation that the Cragmaw tribe was acting under the orders of this mysterious “Black Spider,” and that they did send the dwarf and the map to the castle after ambushing them. Gralk himself answered to a “King Grol” who was in charge of the castle. After pumping him for information, Balthazar healed him, and Kildrak chained him to the stalagmite the wolves had been chained to.

In addition, you found piles of sacks and crates containing supplies and trade goods owned by the Near East Trading Company, which has an outpost in Phandalin. You’ll be able to return their goods for a reward.



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