Crusader? I Hardly Know 'Er!

In Redbrand Manor

Heading further into the dungeons below the manor house, the party found the actual entrance to the dungeon, or at least, the one most often used by the Redbrands. It contained mostly supplies, and a bug-out bag hidden in the cistern, The party removed the valuables, replaced them with rocks, and returned it to its hiding place. They then surprised a group of Redbrands in a barracks room, and killed them all.

Moving out of the entry hall, they detected and avoided a pit trap, then found both a family crypt, and a holding pen for captives. After fighting off skeletons and Redbrands, the party freed the captives, who were the surviving family members of the murdered woodcutter. The mother is grateful, but has no way to repay the party except with the location of a valuable emerald necklace hidden in the ruined town of Thundertree.



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