Crusader? I Hardly Know 'Er!

Routing the Redbrands

It's Like Roadhouse But With Wolves

The Redbrands, of course, did not appreciate being called assholes by Ruby, and reacted accordingly, attempting to rob the players before running them out of town.

And then Jantwell and Balthazar set the porch (and two Redbrands) on fire, and Kildrak set the wolves on the rest, who promptly began tearing out throats and taking names. Add an illusory wolf from Jantwell and even the reinforcements didn’t help. (Also during the fight Ruby and Moulle contended with many foes and kept the rest of the party from being overwhelmed.) When the Redbrands were down to two, Jantwell and Balthazar both convinced them to lay down their weapons and surrender. After getting information from the Redbrands, the party allowed them to leave town, which proved to be of dubious popularity with the mayor, who is an officious, self-important little man that really doesn’t think the Redbrands are all that much trouble thankyouverymuch and how DARE you imply he is not doing his job after all boys will be boys and it just isn’t worth it for how little trouble they actually cause but seeing as the party just destroyed a gang of them without taking a scratch he’s not about to start any trouble with them either so one can see the difficult position he is in amirite?

This is what the Redbrands know:

  • The Leader of the Redbrands is a human wizard that calls himself Glasstaff, because he has a glass… staff. No, really. Curiously, Glasstaff’s description matches that of Albrecht, who was sent to start a Brotherhood Chapterhouse in Phandalin. His quarters are in the Western end of the Redbrand’s hideout.
  • The Redbrands are working on the orders of someone calling themself the Black Spider. Who or what the Black Spider is is a mystery. They were told to intimidate the locals and frighten off adventurers that might intercede, for reasons known but to him or her. Clearly that did not work out as intended. TBS has sent Bugbears to reinforce the Redbrands.
  • The lower part of the complex is guarded by an “eye monster”
  • There are some captives in a holding area “near the old crypt” which just happens to have some skeletons hanging around in it

Sildar, arriving with the rest of the townsfolk to see the Redbrands get they asses kicked mentions a couple ways into the lair over ales in what was the Sleeping Giant but will probably be renamed (as the proprietor suddenly saw which way the wind was blowing and realized there were better pickings elsewhere), the front door or the hidden tunnel.

The party chose the tunnel.

Once inside the complex, they encountered the “eye monster” which turned out to be a nothic, an insane and mildly telepathic monster that immediately flooded their heads with whispers about a dead man and their responsibility for his death because pretty women. Once they noticed the monster, however, they were able to negotiate a truce with it, after offering it food. It corroborated what the thug told them, and was distracted long enough for someone to locate his treasure horde and take that shit.

The chest contains 160sp, 120gp, five malachite gems (15gp ea.), two potions of healing, and a scroll of augury. There is also a longsword inscribed with the name “Talon” and in much better condition than it should be for being in a cavern. It’s hilt is in the shape of a bird of prey with outstretched wings.



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