Crusader? I Hardly Know 'Er!

An(other) update from the bard

To Imad ad-din al-Isfahani:

Right, so I haven’t much time to write as we’re off to Cyprus to attack and take ownership of a castle. Holding? I’m not entirely sure which it is. In truth, I rather suspect that the place didn’t exist a month ago (now, of course, it has stood for centuries) though that is a separate matter all together.

Most important bit first: Honorable Xuan Zang and his companion and his companion (interesting fellow, unusually strong and I suspect not actually human. Or mortal) are on their way to you now. It is extremely urgent that you meet up with him as soon as possible and safeguard the item in question. He’ll have more details for you but the item was discovered within the lair of a young blue dragon (big asshole, dead now).

Are you familiar with the githyanki? If not, you can find a professor in al Phandalin who can tell you more. They’re yellow skinned with abnormally long features, as if their faces were made of clay and stretched just too far to be natural. Pointed ears like an elf but not the right shape or size. Excellent fighters. Extra-dimensional.

That last part is of greatest concern. The githyanki have a Queen: Vlakith, 38th of her name. Vlakith is a lich and, I fear, the source of many of the recent disturbances. She promised Albrect the secret to becoming a lich himself through the use of high holy relics. From what we’ve discovered, however, she is using him and has no intention of sharing her knowledge. We fear she plans to use the divine objects to become a god herself.

I urge you to take measures to protect the other known relics. We are on Albrect’s trail now but there are many, many gods and they seem to leave holy objects scattered in their wake like footsteps.

We’re closing in on port so I must finish quickly. A final request – I’d like your permission to visit Atlantis. It is the other destination that our silent friend suggested and it seems prudent to head that way after we take the castle (or hold) on Cyprus.

Wish us luck storming the castle.

With greatest respect,




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