The Universal Church

Led by the Holy Father in Rome, the Universal Church is the largest Christian denomination on Crusader Earth. When the Goblin Hordes threatened the Holy Land and the Caliphs asked for aid, the Church lent her considerable weight to calls for aid, declaring a Crusade against the savage Humanoids, and mobilizing thousands of the faithful to help the citizens of the Levant. Bishops handle the administrative business of the Church, and Priests minister to the needs of the faithful. The Holy Mother is responsible for the spiritual well-being of millions of its parishoners, and works to better the lives of thousands more.


Priests who undergo special training are granted certain powers through the strength of their faith. Clerics in the service of the Church are assigned special tasks that normal priests are unable to handle, such as exorcisms, dealing with the restless dead, or similarly spiritually taxing challenges. Clerics can be found providing divine healing in war zones and counseling to victims of depredation. They often are found with groups of fortune-seekers and adventurers, providing light in the darkness and a star to steer by.


Holy Warriors without equal, some priests feel called to focus on martial training, as shepherds must often fight off the wolves. Paladins focus the divine fury of Almighty God toward those who would harm the weak and are His hammer sent to smite the wicked. Most Paladins are members of special Holy Orders, such as the Knights Templar or the Knights Hospitaller. These are essentially Monastic orders, like the Order of St Francis or the Benedictines, and in their cloisters, the knights usually wear simple monks habits. Paladins are feared by their foes and respected by their allies.

Relationship with Demi-humans

Along with codifying Biblical Canon, the Council of Nicea determined the Church’s attitude toward non-humans. Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, and Half-elves are not actively sought after for conversion, although they will willingly take any of these races that wish to convert voluntarily. To this date, only the Elves have never taken them up on the offer. Further, the Church considers them allies against the darkness of the world, and offers them the same sanctuary it would her human followers. Human priests can be found among many demi-human communities, leading by example, and providing aid as they would their faithful.

The Church is not, as might be expected, as charitable to the savage humanoids. They are an enemy of mankind and its allies, and as such are not afforded the ministry of the Church. Not that any Orc or Goblin would accept it.

The Universal Church

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